Pool Fun

Ah the pool noodle. That long, straight floaty, multiple use object that makes a pool just a little bit more fun. Sure it’s a simple idea, but it’s something that almost every pool has. Think about the possibilities… you can float on it, use it to keep your head above water, sit on it, get dragged around the pool on it, blow water through it, the list goes on and on. They even come in many colours and sizes and some even have built in seats and various animal heads adorning them. We love our pool noodles, our beach balls and our float boards. Who hasn’t used a float board in an attempt to teach ourselves to swim? And of course, year after year, more pool toys dominate the summer market.

The older kids love those dive toys, weighted objects like circles or sticks that someone can throw in and you can perfect your dolphin dive in an attempt to retrieve them from the bottom of the pool.

Even older kids, think teens and young adults think it’s great to float around the backyard pool on a lounger of some sort. These too come in all shapes and sizes, some are shaped like drinks, others like animals, some have heads and/or seats, some are like actual mattresses, others shaped like chairs. Some allow the water to surround you as you float around, others you simply lay on top like a princess, drink in hand, naturally.

To go with the lounger there are blow up boats, blow up drink caddies and blow up tables so you no longer have to get out of the pool for your snack, you just have to paddle over to it, or wait till it floats over to you.

Babies get in on the pool fun too, usually with specially made floating devices that come with a tent or canopy to shield the little one from the sun. These come in a wide array of character and animal shapes and in many different colours and styles.

Yes, pool toys are big business and that’s not even including things like a diving board and slide that usually come with the pool itself. You can get volleyball and basketball games specially designed for pool use and if you really want to get something special, there are rock climbing walls that you use out of the pool before you fall back in again. Kinda makes you miss summer, doesn’t it?

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