What to Check When Reupholstering a Lounge Suite

Did you know that reupholstering is a lot more complicated than throwing a piece of material over a couch frame? There is so much to be done to a lounge suite that needs reupholstering than simply fitting fabric to the tattered old material.

A professional upholsterer has to check and replace (or repair if necessary) all the following items; before giving the couch back as a new lounge suite at a fraction of the cost of a new lounge suite.

Checking the wooden or metallic frame is the first step. Minor cracks can turn into a split frame that will need complete replacement. In some instances, the crack can be sealed to avoid further damage. Sometimes, the frame would need to be repaired if there is a large amount of damage.

The upholsterer would then need to check the springs or the webbing of the couch. Before pulling out these items, checking to see if they are still in good condition would save the upholsterer a lot of time with the process.

The foam can be checked for sponginess and structure as the old and tattered fabric is removed. The foam will more than likely be changed if the lounge suite is relatively old. Foam will lose shape over time making it flat and uncomfortable to sit on.

The Dacron will have to be replaced without a second guess. Because it is on top of the foam, it would have taken more wear and damage than the foam. Dacron is a polyester batting which enhances the shape of the contours of the couch and limits the amount of friction the foam produces. Dacron is also important for maintaining the material for longer periods of time.

The Curve Ease will then have to be replaced so that the material can stick flawlessly around the curves of the frame. This chemical is extremely strong to keep the fabric in place under intense pressure and force.

The bolts are also checked for quality so that they can be used again on the lounge suite. It is important to use the correct tools to keep the couch intact for prolonged periods of use.

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