What to Choose – Shower Enclosure or Shower Cabin

Shower enclosures are more popular because of simplicity and you have a wide range of choices with regards to sizes and shapes. Round or half-round, square or rectangular, with a tray or without, clear or sand-blasted etc.

The most important things to know about the shower before you purchase is the quality and after sale service. One may buy something very beautiful – but what does one do if one cannot use it after a few months. This could be due to the quality of the door wheels or if the installation was done wrong, then the small bearings will not move smoothly and the glass door will be hard to open or close – this can result in the handle or door itself being broken.

Any reputable company always reminds you that the warranty provided is only valid if proper installation has been conducted. This is not just a money issue only – the main reason is that nobody wants to correct other peoples’ faults. Neither do they want to be summoned to Court and proceed to answer hundreds of questions. They also do not want to visit a hospital to see how serious injuries resulted from broken glass due to incorrect/unqualified installations. Company reputation is also of importance as one will not recommend poor levels of service to your friends.

In this modern era, the shower area inside bathrooms are becoming more and more unusual. Different materials are equipped and made available for use. Let’s compare the shower cabin with the shower enclosure:



– FM radio / top light,

– hydro-massage jets,

– modern design,

– built-in water tap,


– not all sizes and shapes are available (only ready-made from the factories),

– 90% of the glass is only 5 mm in thickness,

– a lot of the spare parts used (e.g: door wheels, stoppers) made of plastic,

– external plastic parts change color and fade especially if placed opposite a window or near sunlight, trays are made of ABS and acrylic,

– this may not work long if any of your family members are 120 kg weight or more,

– electrical supply requires additional socket,

– requires constant maintenance.



– 100% off the glass is 8-10 mm in thickness,

– all parts made of metal (steel, aluminium, brass),

– any size can be enclosed by the glass,

– easy access to drainage pipe in case of cleaning,

– most of the parts are universal size and widely available,

– design or picture can be applied to the glass,

– water flow is direct to drainage and will be stopped by granite / marble support under the glass.


– no FM radio / top light,

– only simple designs,

– you cannot order a half round shape.

More parts made of metal and less of the plastic – this makes for a strong shower cabin (from the other side plastic parts will never become rusty). Anyway, you will change these items for new ones over time.

According to statistics, people renew bathroom interiors every 3-5 years just for hygienic purposes.

I hope this information will help you to find the best solution possible.

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